Our Story


Hey there! It’s Rachel, John, and Avery - the faces behind Lanua. When you can’t find us trying to make each other laugh, playing with our beloved shop dog and cat (Scout and Ash), you can find us doing one of the things we love most - making candles. 

The three of us met while living in Waco, TX and immediately connected in our love for sarcasm, goofing around, and small business. When the opportunity for us to open Lanua presented itself, our “YES” couldn’t come out fast enough - working alongside your best friends every day is the dream!

When it comes to our craft, we know that scents are powerful and emotive - each one connected to specific, unique memories for each ‘smeller.’ This is why we have gone the extra mile in crafting high quality scents for each candle we’ve chosen to bring to the table. And that’s exactly where we invite you - our table - where you join us not as customers, but as family and friends to enjoy our candles and the memories they hold.